Clayton Collins

Clayton Collins is the founder and Director of the deliverance/healing rooms of Chillicothe Ohio. He is a member of I.S.D.M and serves as an associate Pastor at Freedom House of Chillicothe. He ministers the Gospel with signs and wonders following with an emphasis on the ministry of deliverance. Clayton resides with His wife and son in Chillicothe Ohio.

“Tonight was such a special night for me and Greg at Freedom house Healing rooms…thank you Holly Collins, Clayton Collins and Chad Burnett for tonight!!”

Shelley Lea Greene

“I watched God work through Clayton to perform a mouth dropping miracle with my son…[he] is talking so much better…”

Jay Thomas

“At Messiah Fest I received deliverance from trama, Oppresion, suicidal thoughts, fear, depression, rejection and anxiety. In a nutshell… head received healing! And my heart :-) I can now hear God more clearly & I can hear my own thoughts finally!”

Nicole Baka